Who We Are

Why we exist

We are a global consortium of interdisciplinary collaborators, consultants, designers, at the nexus of creative and other industries to share information and stories about sustainable design in all its forms – From UX design to automotaive design, from interiors to branding.

What the members have in common is a true desire to make the planet a better place for future generations rather than screwing it up.

We’re looking to engage with governments and industries (large and small) to make sure that we have the opportunities and legislation which allow us to design a better world for this century and those to come.


Paul Foulkes-Arellano

With three decades of experience in the design industry, Paul Foulkes-Arellano has worked in markets across the world. A champion of endangered languages, he is fluent in French and Spanish.

After studying modern languages at Cambridge, Paul began his career in the late eighties. His first post was at Packaging Innovation in London ( now called PI Global). Paul has also worked at Design Bridge and Seymourpowell. From 2000-2011 he was managing director of drinks specialists, Wren & Rowe.

Paul has worked extensively with international CPG brands. His favourite work assignment was a 2-day sustainability workshop at Havana Club’s distillery in Cuba.

Paul is determined to do something about the devastating effects of plastic pollution, and in 2017 joined forces with international campaign group A Plastic Planet as their Packaging Advisor. Paul has been on a mission to identify alternatives to plastic packagin, sourcing new suppliers and helping retailers and brands to transition.

Paul is founder of the Sustainable Design Alliance, which sprang out of a number of conversations at  HOW Design Live in Boston in Spring 2018.

Brandon Sapsara

Brandon is a business solutions consultant, systems-thinker, design spring facilitator, relationship builder and creative problem solver. Brandon has worked in a myriad of industries from industrial manufacturing to back office and retail investment banking to UX Design.

His current interests alongside his work involve writing, speaking and storytelling. Brandon is creating spaces, connecting people and developing stories for the Sustainable Design Alliance which allow for the acceleration of environmental progress in a number of critical areas.

Brandon’s favorite work assignments have included working and studying abroad internationally throughout his life in Nicaragua, Guadalajara, Rajasthan – India, and Germany

After Brandon left his post with DreBo back in 2016, he met Paul on LinkedIn and they began having conversations about the devastating environmental effects of plastics. This inspired Brandon to join Paul in creating the Sustainable Design Alliance.

Gabriel Halm

Having recently received a master’s degree in Economics with a behavioral and environmental focus and a second master’s degree in cognitive science and artificial intelligence from the Netherlands,  he has harnessed his analytical background to help address climate issues through data science. As a proponent of open-source software, Gabriel uses Python and R in his data analysis and machine learning competitions.

He currently is a data analyst and economic consultant for CGIAR and the World Bank.

Gabriel is the Communications Director for the Sustainable Design Alliance, writing think-pieces from an economic perspective and managing the online content of Sustainable Design Alliance.

Ryan Stodart

Ryan has worked as a Senior Researcher with a focus on innovative climate technology, business models and financial mechanisms. Following this, Ryan was the Sales Director for an international meat-alternative company. He currently works as a consultant analyst for Bankers Without Boundaries, a not-for-profit socio-environmental financial innovation organisation. Ryan received an LLB in Scots law from the University of Glasgow, an LLM in International Law & Sustainable Development and is a Climate-KIC Masters Label graduate in climate change entrepreneurship.

Ryan is the Programme Co-ordinator for the Sustainable Design Alliance’s Business Outreach Programme.


Dhruv Boruah

Drhuv is former IBM, Siemens; an Adventurer, Angel Investor and he is now dedicated full time to solve Plastic Pollution, change the world’s mindset from awareness to profitable solutions.

He is currently setting up an accelerator to support entrepreneurs rethinking the plastics economy and he organised London’s Plastic Hackathon. Dhruv is the founder of ‘The Thames Project’ which has been covered by national, international broadcast media and publications, including the CNN, BBC & ITV. Aside from being a regular contributor to the BBC, ITV and other media, Dhruv is sought-after speaker and had delivered two TEDx talks.