Outreach Programme

Business School OutReach Programme 2020-21

The theme for this year is “Using sustainable design thinking as a business advantage”.

Our presenters will be examining how 21st century business is achieving environmental objectives while boosting profits, providing examples from their own work and across industry.

The Sustainable Design Alliance draws on a large number of speakers not just from the global design community (all design disciplines form fashion to UX), but also from research, businesss, conservation and sustainability.

The online session features 10-minute presentations from a variety of speakers followed by a lengthy Q+A session.

There are two underlying themes to this years business school programme:

Active Transparency – the growing business trend of revealing the bad as well as the good in business practice and ethics. We’ll also look at how businesses’ obfuscation can affect their credibility with consumers and investors

Giving back to Nature – the realisation that business has to protect and nurture the natural world as nuture underpins all economic activity (presently worth an estimated US$125 trillion according to WWF). This stems from the IPBES notion of nature’s contributions to people (NCP)